Thursday, April 7, 2011

Surgery Day

Yesterday was Landry’s surgery day.  We had to be at the surgical center at 6:30, so it made for a very early morning for all of us except Ansley, who was lucky enough to get to sleep in while Grammy came to stay with her!

Once we finally got situated in our “cubicle” we got to watch Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (this was before the happy juice)

surgery 021

All his bands

surgery 023

After his happy juice kicked in, he got silly.  They thought he’d get sleepy (obviously they were wrong).  He refused to take his ‘Mo pj’s off to put his gown on, so they told me “when he gets sleepy and relaxed, then you can change him.” Yeah, never happened.

surgery 024

Making faces at daddy

surgery 025

We finally got him to take his top off- so daddy asked Landry if he could wear it, but we told him he was too big for it

surgery 027

Playing hide and seek

surgery 029

The anesthesiologist came in and talked to us and explained everything that would be happening and let Landry play with the mask they would be using.  He thought it was really cool!

surgery 030surgery 031

He wasn’t allowed to walk after the happy juice, but daddy finally rescued him from the bed with me

surgery 033

Making daddy use the mask.  He’d hand it to us and want us to blow into it.

surgery 035

When they finally came and got him it was a little after 8 and the surgery’s only took about 40 minutes.  We met with the doctor while they moved Landry to recovery and then they put us in a room while we waited for him to come in with us from there.

When they finally brought him to us, an understatement would be to say that he was upset.  He literally turned into the Incredible Hulk.  I had no idea how strong he was.  He was furious.  He wanted the pulse/ox monitor off his toe and was even more angry that me, his daddy, and all the nurses were trying to keep it on there.  After it finally registered for a split second, the nurses all but ripped it off to get him to calm down.

It worked, but then he wanted his iv out NOW!  He yanked and pulled and finally got it pulled apart.  Luckily they had the iv catheter taped on very, very good, so it didn’t pull that out.  Finally got that all hooked backed up and he finally settled into my lap in a giant chair.

The nurse brought him a gatorade and a popsicle, so he immediately gulps down some gatorade.  Good, no?  No.  Not when he’s been screaming and hyperventilating for 15 minutes.  The gatorade lasted about 4 minutes before it all came back up. In my lap.  Awesome.  Got us both semi cleaned up.  Not too long after that, I make a comment that I don’t think we cleaned it up good when it registered with me.  Yep, his pull up was catty-whacked and he had peed all over me.  Awesome.  At this point me and big daddy were a little hysterical.  I guess when you or your wife is covered in urine and vomit all you can do is laugh, so we did.

We got to leave there around 10:15 ish and headed home.  Landry was much happier by this time.


surgery 036

His daddy even treated him to like 15 bottles of Bug Juice, so he wanted one on the way home.  Sure buddy- you just had surgery! Great idea.  No?  Nope.  About 6 blocks from home.  It all came up.  Everywhere.  Awesome.

Finally got everyone and everything cleaned up.  After that he was fine.  I guess he just had to get the anesthesia out of his system. 

Landry got a surprise when we got home!  He loved it!

surgery 001surgery 006

Then him and daddy took a nap for several hours after we ate lunch (which thankfully stayed down!)

surgery 037

Keevan, Kaleb, and Zia came over with more presents!  He got lots of fun stuff.  A whole bucket full of snacks, books, tools, glasses and more!

surgery 008

Keevan modeling

surgery 009

This might be my new favorite pic.  Love it!

surgery 011


surgery 012surgery 013

Isn’t this funny?!

surgery 014

Harli was not impressed.

surgery 015

Overall, for having surgery, I think the little man has done exceptionally well!  Hopefully he never has to have anything done again, but I’m hoping in the long run this one will be well worth it!


Grandma said...

Bless Landrys sweet heart. He had to be very frightened. Hope he will not remember the hard day he had. Parents take it hard too when their baby is so scared. Glad it is over for all the family.Believe it or not all the prayers were helping everyone.

Granthamania said...

Good story! One for the books for sure:) Sounds like the surgery was harder on you than him!


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