Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Been One Week...

Anybody remember that song? hehe, now i'll sing it the rest of the day!!

Today is my due date!

Therefore, we have had our precious daughter with us for a week now!
 Landry has proven to be a great big brother! He loves to hold his sister and the first thing he does in the mornings is check on her.  It's so sweet!
I love how Harli is just staring at them in this pic!
 Such a proud big brother!

 Ansley meeting her great-Grandma!
 Chris and Landry went to Lowes the other day and came back with LOTS of goodies!  Landry walked in carrying a tool box.  Then he opened it and showed me everything else he got! Paint brushes, putty knives (plastic), a tire guage (who knows, Chris said he picked his own stuff out), and a wooden car for them to build!

 Showing sister all his tools
 Miss Ella
 Isn't it cute how Landry & Ella match in their diapers?!
 Kaden loving on Ansley
 Addison meeting Ansley for the first time, I'm pretty sure she was THRILLED...
 Uncle Terry hung Landry on the backdoor, this is what Terry & my dad used to do to me!
 We took Ansley swimming for the first time.  Actually, I just wanted a picture of her in her swimsuit! Isn't it cute!

 Chris & Landry actually did get to swim, I was super jealous!

 This crazy little boy loves to sit in his sister's nap nanny! And he's obsessed with buckling her in, so when he sits in it, he also buckles himself in but then can't get out!

 Landry playing with Ansley
Today was our first day that was kinda rough.  I think Landry's allergies are bothering him, so he was a little crabby.  Besides that, we're still hanging in there!

Hope everyone's week is going well!


Grandma said...

I enjoyed all the new pic's. Ansley and Landry are adorable. It seems more than a week since her birth. She looks pretty in all her new wardrobe. I loved getting to hold her, that brought back special memories when Tori was born. You are blessed with two good looking children.

Courtney said...

Cute pictures. I am glad to hear that they are gettting along so well. Her swimsuit is adorable. I love that nap nanny, I have never seen one before.

Granthamania said...

Love the suit. And, I remember the song! Happy birthday today and hope things are going smoothly. Looks like they are!


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