Monday, October 26, 2009

Runnin' behind!

I'm slacking a little! Actually, I've had these pics for awhile I just haven't put them up! Landry's 1st birthday is coming up QUICKLY! His party is actually less than 2 weeks away! I can't believe how big he is!
Here's us trying to take his 11 month pictures. I thought it'd be cute to write it with his blocks, have him sit behind them and snap his picture. Yeah Right.
So I put him in his high chair! Not exactly the cute picture I was aiming for.
Then I tried strapping him into his car. It's cute! You just can't see how big he is!
My grandma had given Landry this shirt awhile ago so while daddy was gone one nite, we put it on to finally take some pics!
I personally think this one is hilarious! He's **trying** to walk. I just so happened to snap the picture as he was falling! I know, I'm evil.
Actually, he might be evil! What is up with his face?
Here's my handsome nephew Keevan sportin' his boy scout shirt!
And Kaleb wearing his new army gear (that he HAD to have from Toy's R Us)
That's right. Radient Floor Heating. Ridiculous? I think so.
But I'll let you know when it's 20 degrees outside and my feet are nice and toasty!
It's finished! Actually, the tile is finished. My dad, brother and Chris worked hard all weekend to finish it up! I'll wait til it's completely done *paint, toilet, etc* before I put up the finished picture!
New pj's from Grammy!
Is he not the cutest 11 1/2 month old little boy you have EVER seen!

And now for you viewing pleasure!


Landry said...

Okay Mom, I am watching this at Grammy's and still don't think that was as funny as everyone else thought. My little heart is still beating very fast while watching it.
Love, Landry

Courtney said...

He is a cutie. Love all the great new pictures. I am sure you have a busy few weeks ahead getting ready for his first birthday. Time flies!

Diane said...

I can't believe Landry is almost a year. Time flies!

Your bath looks really pretty. I'm like Kim...I would have never thought about putting a toilet in the tub but if it works for you then it's a good thing. lol

It might actually catch on with many households. Men will spend 1/2 the time in the bath than usual. They can "knock out" 2 jobs at once. ;)

BTW-You are mean...Landry will need therapy after that mask.

Tori said...

I thought the toilet in the tub was very clever of us! Yes, I agree that Landry will be in therapy. I needed therapy for all the mean things Terry and dad did to ugly baby though too. So hopefully he'll still turn out alright!


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